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Meaningful Learning

Happy Friday!

I was going to write today about this new feature in Google Forms called Locked Mode for Google Forms. It locks students out of all other tabs except for the Form when they take a test. It works in Google Classroom . Here is a video about it. It's great students can't cheat stay focused etc. . . Great tool and glad it is available but how does this impact student learning?

      I was going to go into detail about it UNTIL Pam Harris invited me to the  ECMS Media Center today to witness a Breakout EDU lesson with Ms. Tilley's class that she, Ms Faust, and Ms. Tilley collaborated on to make. 
 As I am writing this I see a class of about 25 students in the back of the Media Center actively engaged in  their learning for a full 45 minutes. It is very evident that Ms. Tilley, Ms. Faust, and Ms. Harris have created a top notch inquiry based game for these students. These students are inquiring, students are working collaboratively, students are using research met…

Providing Feedback

Happy Friday!

One of the things that I love most about technology in the classroom is the opportunity to give and receive real time feedback. When we think about the SAMR scale (which make us think HOW we are using the technology in our classroom are we using it for Substiutiton, Augmentation, Modification,  or Redefinition) we should be thinking about how we can use our Technology to create new tasks due to the technology.  Giving and receiving Feedback could be excellent way to move us past substitution. Here are a 4 examples of some of my favorite ways to give instant feedback

1.  Google Classroom - There are many ways to leave Feedback with Google Clasroom.  If you have comments turned on students can leave feedback on posted assignments. There are also new ways to quickly give students feed back. Here is a short 90 second video from Google EDU that talks about how to use the new features in Classroom to quickly leave feedback.

2.  Google quiz features -   Google quiz is a GREAT t…

Telling your Digital Story

Happy Friday!

One of my favorite blogs that I like to check out is Richard Byrne's blog  Freetechforteachers. In the last week or so he blogged about a new tool called Photo Center Online.  This is a way to super impose pictures on top of different back grounds.You can make it look like you are in a different place or time period!  I tried it out for myself and found it to be very useful and user friendly!  I think that this is a tool that can be used across all grade levels and it works really well with the chrome book.  I have created this screen-cast to show you how I used it.  Please let me know if you have any questions! 

Take Care, Clint

New Google Updates for 2019

Happy Friday,

I wanted to let you know about several new updates for Gsuite for Education that has taken place or soon will take place.

Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Sites -   These services will soon have a new look. Nothing will change functionally but it will probably look a little different. These have started to roll out on January 15th and will continue to roll out to all users across the world by February. Some of the things that you and your students may notice is the change in typography, controls (buttons, dialog and  sidebars). Also the icons will change a little and look "cleaner and fresher". Again, these are cosmetic changes and nothing that will affect the day to day use of these products. If you want to read more about these changes you can check out the GSuite Update Blog 

Google Classroom - Lots of great things happening in Google Classroom. It really is amazing how much it has grown and changed in the last few years! This fall Google created the "C…

New Years Resolution

Happy Friday everyone!

Seems like every time I have turned on our Television this week there are ads for New Year's Resolution. LA Fitness really wants our business. If you look at statistics New Year's resolutions rarely stick because we may bite off more than we can chew or give up as soon as we have one setback.  Often, this is also the case when trying new things with instruction. Maybe you had a bad  experience with a digital formative assessment or maybe you were frustrated when you were about to do an assignment with the chromebooks and students were not able to access it because their computers were not charged.
Here is an interesting article from Forbe's Magazine that says instead of writing a New Year's resolution take time to reflect on the last year and ask questions like when was I inspired? When did life change last year? Where do I want to be this time next year?  I think we can also take this and apply it to the classroom. When were my students the most i…