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The Last Post of the School Year

Haaaaaaaaapppppppyyyy Friday! I can't believe we are at the end.  I really don't have a Technology Tip this week. What I would like to do is give you all a  high five for taking a giant step with technology this year.  I was able to run a few numbers and wanted to share these with you all. In the Elbert County School system we have 3,502 Active users . That means that 3,502 Teachers, staff, and students have logged into a Google account or created a Google Document.   Our goal is to add more once we activate accounts for students in Kindergarten and First Grade.  Our Primary kids will have Google Accounts to login into their Chromebooks.  Potentially they could create their first Google Doc and have it with them all the way through their career in Elbert County School System.  On May 15, we had 1,028 Active users using Google Classroom. That means that we had 1,028 students and teachers working collaboratively together, giving and receiving instant feedback, and p

New Features with Google Forms

Happy Friday! Google Forms is a great tool to be able to get instant feedback.  Many teachers here in Elbert Co. have used forms for Formative and Summative Assessments.  We also use it to create surveys, create signups. I love it because it can make a quiz go to the next level. You can insert videos, pictures, graphs, equations, etc. . . into Google Forms.     This week Google has announced some new updates to Google Forms that will make creating forms even easier. These will be rolling out in the coming weeks 1 - Answer Suggestions -  It will give you answer choices as you create multiple choice questions! How crazy is that?    So if I create a multiple choice question  for example "What are the parts of a cell?" It will auto populate multiple choices based on your questions. You choose the correct answer. 2 - Grade Grid responses -  One of the options when you create an item in Google Forms you have the ability to create "choose from a grid" now you can

Experiments with Google

Happy Friday! I have recently been reading up on AI Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence) machine learning in the classroom.  Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more common place in our lives. Here are a few examples.   This weekend my family and I are taking a good road trip and I'm sure that we will use the "Waze" app or Google Maps to help get us to our destination. These programs will predict traffic patterns and will guide us the quickest way to get where we are going.    When you checked your email this morning you didn't receive all of your Email because some went to the "spam" folder. Your email program is predicting and filtering out unwanted or dangerous E-mails. Your Email program is deciding for you what is important and what is not important.  Google Mail also has smart response and predicts what you are going to say in your Email Response You may have deposited a check this week using your mobile phone. When you take a p