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Curating Resources

I found out yesterday about a great  FREE resource called Wakelet . Wakelet is a way for Teachers and students to curate different types of digital material. Currently when I am researching or studying something on the web I often bookmark pages, like tweets so I can go back and read the article, or save things to my Google Drive. ALL are  good ways to keep up with things but it is often difficult to put all of those pieces together. Now, I am excited about tying that together using a web tool call Wakelet. Wakelt is a COLLABORATIVE way to curate resources into one place.  Here are a couple of Scenarios of ways that it can be used. 1) My students are about to research ______ in my class.  I don't want them to start off by saying, "Hey guys please Google _____"    I want to give them a head start with some good resources. I have a Google Doc, a Pdf, and a few weblinks. I then want them to ADD to that and make their own and share their collaboration with others. 2

The Thankful Friday Tech Tip Post

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope that you all have a relaxing Thanksgiving Break.  I wanted to share with you 4 Technology Tools that I am Thankful for. I'm Thankful for these tools because they can help us maximize instruction and save time for both us and our students. 1. Google Add ons -  Anytime that you open a Google Document, Google Slide, or Google Sheet you have the option to use Add ons. Addons are programs and features that are related to the Google product you are using. For example, there is an Add on For Google Documents where you can easily create a citation, or make a word cloud, or find a great layout for a Slide.  Below is a video tutorial about some great Add Ons.   Flipgrid is as FREE resource where students and teachers can record videos, tell a story, create and collaborate. Many teachers in our district are using this! It's so great to give our students voice and choice.  Please let me if you have questions about this. Twitter  

New Features with Texthelp

Happy Friday! Google Read and Write is a Chrome Extension that is pushed out to all of our Chromebooks and all students  K-12 have access to this program. When they sign into the chromebook they will see a Puzzle Piece in the tool bar. By clicking on that they have access to the  Read and Write Toolbar. Read and Write  does many things such as read text aloud, allows for word prediction, create vocabulary lists, and more!  Google Read and Write works with Google Docs, Google Slides, and also with most webpages.  One new feature  for writing that has recently rolled out is "Check it"  Checkit is a way to check for common grammar mistakes.  This feature can be turned on or off.  By Clicking the checkit icon in the Read and Write for Google Toolbar you can instantly check your Google Document for common grammar errors.  I used Checkit for the first time writing this blogpost and it is very enlightening to see all of my grammar miscues.  Below is a video that also explain