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Gmail Tips: The B Side

Happy Friday! This week's Tech Tip is brief but I wanted to add in a few other things about Gmail and making it work best for you Use the Search Feature in Gmail - The top box is a search feature just like a Google search. You can search emails that you sent by typing to:  and the subject. You can search messages from specific users by typing in from: and then their user name or to: and then putting messages that you have sent to others Set a Vacation Response -  By going to Settings you can automatically set a response if you are out of the office. And finally - There is a great free program Called Boomerang for Gmail - Now you can schedule when you want Emails to send out. Have an important email but don't want to send it out till next Friday? Then Boomerang can schedule and send that out for you. Have a great weekend and a great holiday break. Take Care, Clint

Then 10 best things about Gmail.

Happy Friday, One of the reasons that I love December is the best of lists that come out.  I'm a big music guy so I always enjoy reading critics choice of the best albums of  2017. (Which,I guess I'm not cool anymore or I'm old because I didn't listen to any of them but I am trying out some of them now.)  Also, I love watching sports so I enjoy reliving t he best plays of 2017 .  I don't watch a ton of Television but when I do I make sure that it is something I will enjoy by checking out, you guessed it, the best TV shows of 2017 . So, with our big switch to Gmail on Monday I wanted to share with you the Clint Winter 10 best features of Gmail.  10. Customize the appearance of Gmail - Everyone's Gmail can look different!  You can choose a theme or upload your own pictures. You can now read your email while looking at a serene lake. It makes it that more peaceful.  9.  Archive your mail -  Gmail is Unlimited  you can save all of your email

Professional Learning Network and Hour of Code

Happy Friday! A few weeks ago I asked the question, how do you learn?  For me, I learn from other professionals everyday through Social Media. What works best for me is Twitter. Others love using Pintrest, or Instagram, or Facebook. There are educators and scholars who use all types of Social Media to learn Professionally. If you decide to create a social media account I highly encourage you to create a "Professional" account that you use for Professional learning. The tool that I use the most is Twitter.  This would be seperate from a personal account that you may already have. Twitter is a great way to communicate with teachers from across the state and world.  Often there are real time education twitter chats that happen at a certain time during the week. For instance, a popular one here in Georgia is the #TechtalkGA twitter chat on Monday nights.  There is also a #SATCHAT #ELACHAT, and others. HERE is a link to all types of educational Twitter Chats and when they