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The Last Friday Tech Tip of the Year

Happy Thursday! This will be the last Friday Blog post for the 2019 school year. I am very proud of all the accomplishments that have happen this school year in the field of Instructional Technology. I would like to give a few shout outs to ALL of the teachers in are District who have Gone out on a limb and tried something new this year in the classroom.  Had their students CREATE using technology (Almost 200 students logged in and created Wevideos in MAY) Embraced 1:1 Technology in the classroom Created Digital Formative assessments for their students Used Google Classroom for the first time Utilized Clever to login your students Learned to navigate the new website Some Exciting things for next year Illuminate Education -  We will have a new streamlined way to view student data. Illuminate works directly with Infinite Campus. Students can take Illuminate assessments in Google Classroom.  This decision was made based on teacher and Admi

Tidy up you Digital Life

It is hard to believe that the 2018-2019 school year is over for our students in a couple of weeks. Last week I blogged about some end of the year activities that you and your students may want to try. This week I would like to share a few things that we all  need to visit to finish up our school year and get ready for the next. There are some easy ways to "Tidy UP". 1) Archive all of your Google Classroom Classes -  By archiving your Google Classes it will remove those classes from your Classroom dashboard. Also, it will remove the classes from your students dashboard as well.  It may be confusing for our students if they see both presesent and past classes on their Dashboard.  When you archive a class you are not deleting or losing that class.  You can "Reuse post or Reuse assignment" and post the assignment in future classes. Also, all of the student submissions still live in your Google Drive. It is even organized for you! Next year you will be abl

End of the Year Activities

Happy Friday! As the school year closes there are lots of great ways that your students can digitally reflect upon their year. Not only do they have the ability to reflect but they also can create and share their knowledge with students who may be entering their class next year! FlipGrid -  Have your current students use FlipGrid to discuss their greatest achievement for the year OR advice for new students who will be entering their grade Wevideo - Middle School and High School students can create tutorials that can be used for next year's class Google Sites  -  Students (or a group of students) can create a Google Site as a portfolio to take with them for the next school year. Finally, this is not a reflection piece, it's just pretty amazing. Poem Portrait - I just read about this today! It is very interesting.  Poem Portrait is part of Google Arts and Culture. You enter one word and take a selfie (using the camera on the chromebook)  and Artificial