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Google Docs Word Cloud Generator Addon

Happy Friday before Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a relaxing break.  I have had several requests this fall for resources for making Word Clouds. Word Clouds are great because students can see what words they are using often or make great visuals with their writing. With  the Word Cloud Add on For Google Docs  Students can now make word clouds straight from their google docs! Click on Add ons - Search for Word Cloud Generator  - and add it. When students are finished all they do is click on the word Cloud Generator button and it will create a word cloud for them.  Students can screenshot the image and save the picture to their Google Drive. I have created an animation below to demonstrate how you and your students can create wordclouds.  If you have questions about using the Word Cloud Generator Please let me know. Have a great Thanksgiving Break! Take Care, Clint

The Friday Tech Tip: Using Digital Images in Instruction

Happy Friday, Last week I learned about s site where students and teachers can create and view amazing images from around the world.    Gigapan is a s technology where photographers can take 360X360 images and stitch those together to make interactive high resolution pictures  (See below).  Students can zoom in on these images to explore the area. Thinking about the SAM-R model this would be a good source to Modify lessons where students are evaluating or analyzing geographic regions, famous places, or events. If you have questions about using this resource in your classroom or any other instructional technology questions please contact me. I hope you have a great weekend, Take Care, Clint

Approving Videos in YouTube

Happy Friday everyone! I've had a few emails over the last week about the new Youtube Changes.  We've been working to come up with a way to limit some of the things are students are doing on Youtube. Now, students are able to view limited videos that are  approved as education or videos that have been approved by a teacher. When you Approve a video it is approved for everyone in the district. I have created a screencast below walking through the process of signing into Youtube and also approving a video. If you have questions please let me know. Take Care, Clint