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Tell your Story with Google Story Builder

Have  you ever wondered what it would be like if there were Google Docs and collaborative typing in our American History?  Maybe not, but now you can replicate it with Google Story Builder. Google Story Builder is a tool where students can write from the point of view of different characters or historical figures as if they were writing in a Google Document. I like this idea because it challenges our students to think differently about how things might have happened in the past if there were collaborative tools in place. For instance, I made the Google Story builder below about Lewis and Clark being charged to explore the Louisiana Purchase.   You can find out more about Google Story Builder by going HERE (Click on here). If you have questions please let me know.   This is an example of  one that I built .  I hope you have a great weekend. Take Care, Clint

Google My Maps

Google Maps offers students and teacher the ability to create their own  custom made  maps. Students can create their own maps, pin important places, and measure and draw distances between places. For instance, Students may be studying American Authors. Students can create a map pinning the birth places or events in the life of that author. Once pinned, students can write a descriptions of that pin, insert pictures, videos or links. I have created a Screencast tutorial of some of the tools that are available in Mymaps.  If you need help please contact me at or tweet me @ClintWinter

New features in Google Apps for Education

Happy Friday! There have been lots of changes in Google Apps for Education in the last 6 weeks. Everything from new themes in Google Slides,  Changes and enhancement to Google Classroom to Voice Typing!  I have tried to highlight some of these changes with you in PL or during planning periods. HERE is a comprehensive list of all the changes and enhancements that have happened over the last 6 weeks. (You can also click on the picture to the left).  If you have questions please feel free to e-mail or ask me in person. Also, as I am buildings I've seen many of you starting to use Lanschool. If you have questions about lanschool or need help setting it up please let me know. I think that Lanschool is a great way to monitor our students on their digital devices. Finally, I often get asked, "Clint what day are you here?" or even more important "What day is it?" These are also to questions that I ask myself on a daily basis.  My schedule is as followed. Monday

Using YouTube in the Classroom

Do you have a video that you found on Youtube that you want to show your class? Problem is that the video is 12 minutes  but you  only want to show from five minutes  on? For instance, I only want to show part of a Kahn Academy video but not the whole thing. You can now pick where you want the video to play. By clicking the share button you can adjust the time.   (See video below). Sometimes, this may not work if you are inserting  the video into a Google Presentation or hosting the video on your website. If   you copy the new link and paste the link into  a new document, slide, or e-mail it will work. Your students can watch the video right where you would like it  to start.  If you have questions about this or any other techtip please let me know .   Take Care, Stay Dry, and GO DAWGS! Clint