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Using Google Drive

Happy Friday!   One of the great things about Google Drive is that you can save anything to Drive.  Our Drive storage for both teachers and students is UNLIMITED. Also, you can access your files from anywhere.  Google Drive is cloud based meaning that your documents, files, are uploaded to a server and not your individual computer. So if your computer dies you can still access your files.   There is also a Google Drive  app  in both the Itunes and Android Store where you can access documents on a mobile device.        Anytime you create a new Google Document, Drawing,Form, Sheet, or slide  it automatically saves to your Google Drive. It will live there forever unless you decide to delete it. If someone shares a document with you then it will automatically  go into your "shared with me" tab. Also, if you click on "Recent" you will see your most recent documents. For me, I use this feature the most.     You can Organize your Drive however you like! If you ar

Digital Formative Assessments

Happy Friday! As we get used to the Google Apps for Education Suite I hope that we can all learn from Audi.  If you have 3 minutes  to spare I encourage you and your students to watch this.  I hope that we all can be excited about learning from our failures as Audri is I'm very proud of our teachers and students here in Elbert County School District as they are diving into the Google Suite of Education Apps.  This week alone our Primary school teachers began joining and posting in Google+ communities for collaborative planning, our Middle School Teachers learned about the Instructional Technology Site and our  High School students and teachers are utilizing  Google Classroom .  Although this is new territory  and we will experience some growing pains we are going to make it! One of the the things that I have found that Google Suite does and does well is make it easy for teachers to quickly assess their students.  One of the most powerful ways that this can happen is th

Resources and Updates for Google Classroom

We made it!  The first full week of school here in the Elbert County School District is in the books.  Our freshman and sophomores and a few seniors were the first to be issued their own Chromebook.   Chromebooks are a little different than a Windows PC .  Chromebooks are faster to load, sync with "The Cloud" and are work best when paired with a Gsuite for Education Account.  Our students also have  an account to access their Gsuite Account. This means that they have unlimited storage, have a secure account, and can access their account from any device.     One of the things that has been rolled out this week as well for both our High School students and teachers has been the use of Google Classroom.   Recently, (Like in the last 2 weeks) there has been lots of resources built into classroom. Google has just released   #firstdayofclassroom  training material and guides!  This is a great one stop shop for you to learn and see about every aspect