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How to Digitally Close out the Year

Happy Friday, Wow, we're almost there! This time next week our students will be counting the minutes/seconds until the buses roll out for the last time of the school year.   As you wind down the last week with students I wanted to go over a few digital year end things that will make life easier for you and your students. Archive your Classes in Google Classroom.  By doing this the class is no longer visible to you and your students. You will still have access to the  Google classroom assignments, streams, etc but it will not show up on your Classroom Dashboard. I really think that this is important to do and only takes a few seconds. Also, and  of great importance it will remove the class from your students dashboard so they will no longer see it. CCSD employees may want to change your password before you leave -  Hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete and choose change a password. This will prevent you from possibly being locked out of your computer over the summer If you are leavi

New Updates Announced For Google Classroom

Happy Friday!! There have been 2 new announcements this week about Google Classroom that you may be interested about. 1. If you would like to schedule assignments, questions, or announcements ahead of time you can!  Starting this week, when creating an assignment, question, or announcement you have the option to assign at a later date.  So, if you would like to go ahead and plan ahead now you can! Here is a image from the Google Classroom site that shows you how to do that. 2.  Starting next school year parents can be a part of Google Classroom. Parents can choose to receive e-mails when an assignment, question or assignment  is given to a student OR they can receive emails in a daily or weekly digest. If you have questions about these features please let me know. Good luck in the last few days of school.  I am thankful to work with amazing teachers all over the county. Thanks for all you do. Take Care, Clint