How to Digitally Close out the Year

Happy Friday,

Wow, we're almost there! This time next week our students will be counting the minutes/seconds until the buses roll out for the last time of the school year.   As you wind down the last week with students I wanted to go over a few digital year end things that will make life easier for you and your students.

Archive your Classes in Google Classroom.  By doing this the class is no longer visible to you and your students. You will still have access to the  Google classroom assignments, streams, etc but it will not show up on your Classroom Dashboard. I really think that this is important to do and only takes a few seconds. Also, and  of great importance it will remove the class from your students dashboard so they will no longer see it.

CCSD employees may want to change your password before you leave -  Hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete and choose change a password. This will prevent you from possibly being locked out of your computer over the summer

If you are leaving the district and want things off of your Google Drive then use Google Takeout .  With   Google Takeout you can download ALL of the files that you own on Google Drive. You can put this on a Thumb Drive to take with you.

Finally, if you are interested in staying current with what is going on in Educational Technology this summer. There are a few options

  • Check out the CCSD Learning Technologies Page.  (Currently only open to CCSD employees) Here you can experiment with different  technology tools over the summer . Also, we have some great exemplar lessons that you can check out.
  • Sign up for the Club Tech 3.0 Summer Professional Learning. This is all online and we will be going more in depth about SAMR. You can sign up for this in PD Connect
  • Start your own PLN!  Create a Twitter and or Google+ account or Both and seek out #edtech #GAFE etc. . . 
  • Read this Blog - I've really gotten into the habit to Blog and really enjoy it. I won't send out emails but if you have any interests I intend to post on Fridays. We'll see

Thanks Take Care and have a great summer! I've really enjoyed getting to  know and work with all of you during the 2015-2016 School year. Our students are lucky to have you. I will leave you with this
  As a couple of  wise men once said  in May of
1991 "Drums Please... Summer summer summertime Time to sit back and unwind. . . ." 


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