Top 5 Features in Google Docs

Happy Friday!
I hope that you all have had a great week.  For this week's post I wanted to highlight 5 innovative ways to use the Google Suite of Education with your students.

#5 - All changes saved in Drive -  When you create a document in Google Drive it will save all of the edits made in that document! What is even more amazing is that you can restore any edit made in the document. This is a great way for students to view the history of a written piece and be able to go back and edit and revise!

#4 -  Comments -  Inserting comments into a document is a great way to have real time conversations with a student or others on a document. To leave a comment on a document simply highlight the text that you want to leave the comment on and click on "insert" on the top and add a comment. When you leave a comment the person who owns the document will get an email saying that you left a comment

                                                                                     #3 -
#3 Voice Typing -   Typing may be a barrier for some of our students. Now students can do speech to text straight into a Google Document. Students can choose tools - voice typing - and then can speak into their computer and it will transpose into written work.  This could be a great tool to get students to get their thoughts down

#2 . Explore - in the bottom left of Google Documents is the explore feature. When clicking on this icon it will look at all of the data in the paper and offer links and pictures that have to do with the text. It will also show similar items in your Google Drive.
      #1 -  Share -  You can share your document with others for them to also contribute in the document.  You can partner  students up and they can work on a paper at the same time in real time. By clicking on the share button you or your students can enter in the email of another student or teacher and they can work collaboratively on a document! If a student accidentally deletes the text of the document then they can use all changes saved in Drive and restore the document.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Is it possible to co-author a google document such that comments can be e-mailed to more than one member of the collaborating team?

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