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The Friday Tech Tip: Expanding the Elbert County School District 1:1 Program

Happy Friday afternoon everyone! I hope that you are looking forward to a well deserved three day weekend.  Thanks to everyone for all of their hard work as we expand the 1:1 program.  It's pretty exciting to think about all the opportunities that our students now have with their devices.  Now, students in grades 2-12 all have their own Chromebook. More and more of our students are now taking their  devices home.  This practice is now more common in many school districts across the state.  Below is a visualization from GoGuardian that was taken today that  shows how our students are using their school issued Chromebooks.   Our students are searching, writing, completing assignments, taking part in formative assessments, and creating things that they may not be able to create without technology.   A big shoutout to all of our teachers, our tech department, media specialists, and administrators who are making this happen. I also wanted to make you aware of the new and improved