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Using YOUTUBE in the Classroom

Happy Friday and almost Happy Halloween! As part of having a  ECSD Google Account you also have access to creating your own YouTube Channel. If you go to and click sign in and sign in with your ECSD account you can create a channel.  (Click on the picture below to see this) Why would you do this?  One of the many  benefits is that you can create your own playlists. For example, now that conferences are over I may have shared a few youtube video tutorials with my students' parents to help them with their math practice at home. Now, I can say, "Check out my Youtube Channel of categorized playlists.Example,  Here is the Unit 2 playlist you can go back and reference"  It's all in one place and you can add and edit.  Also, a benefit of having things on YouTube is that you can get YouTube on just about anything.  Smartphones, Televisions, gaming systems. etc. . . Also, if you have access to devices, you could pair it with a service like Edpuzzle and hav

Google Maps

Over the Fall break I took my family on a Fall Camping Trip in the middle of nowhere Western North Carolina.  Ok, it was just outside of Robbinsville, NC. This was the first time that we have ever visited this part of NC.  But, the crazy thing is, I didn't pack a map.  To be honest, I can't think of the last time I used a paper map. I, like many, plugged my phone in and followed the Waze app till we got to our destination. I knew exactly how long it would take us, the cheapest gas on the route, and if there was road construction ahead. Knowing directions and locations is still very important but I did not have to memorize anything. I could think more about the why of my journey and not the what. ( For the record, always be aware of your surroundings )    So, that made me think about a service that both us and our students have access to.  Google MyMaps .  With Google MyMaps, students and teachers can create their own maps. Students and teacher  have the availability Drop p

Giving Your Students Voice in the Classroom

Happy Friday! This is a little longer post since we will be out next Friday. I'm going to make an effort next weekend to "unplug" As passionate as I am about using technology with our students I really think it is important to  make time to unplug from being in front of screens.    One of my favorite tool for all students in grades K-12  is FlipGrid .  FlipGrid is a  free tool where students can  create video response. Teachers will need to sign up for a free account. Students will not have to ever to sign up.  I think this is a valuable tool because students are creating something with technology and sharing their voice.  All of these video comments are placed in a Grid and students can view each others comments.    So, for example, let's say that our students have recently finished a math problem or have just read a book.  Students can go the flipgrid link and leave a video response talking about HOW they solved the problem or WHY they agreed o