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The Google Cultural Institute

Happy Friday!   Google Arts and Culture  is a wonderful place for students can have access to Art, History, and Wonder from all over the globe.  Google Arts and Culture  partners with museums both nationally and internationally.  When  teachers and  students sign in with  their  Google account they  can create and share their  own collections of thousands upon thousands of works.  If  students are using Chromebooks they can flip their Chromebooks into tablet mode and use their fingers to zoom in and explore artwork, wonders, and other resources. I also think that this is a great tool for students to be able to have access to  primary sources.  There is a short video below explaining Google Arts and Culture.   If you have questions about how to incorporate this into your classroom please email me -  Thank you and have a great weekend.  Take Care, Clint

Removing the walls of your classroom

Happy Friday! I was fortunate enough to work with Joe Weinmeister and an  elementary group of 2nd- 5th graders this week using the tool FlipGrid that I highlighted last week.  The students were discussing how technology changes the way that they learn.  We used my twitter account (Students do not have access to twitter) to tweet FlipGrid and asked them about their tool.  We were lucky enough that the Founder  of flipgrid posted to our  flipgrid wall and interacted with our students. He gave us a tour of their office  and got many of their coders and designers to speak to our students. We also had a few Instructional Designers at UGA post and respond to our students.  What started off as a task  for the members of the class   turned into a global task with insight from professionals in our community and also from the professionals in Minnesotta  who actually built the tool. This  interaction happend with us simply because we asked.  There are several ways for you to be able to fi

Updates in Google Classroom and FlipGrid for the New Year

Happy Friday the 13th!  I hope that you all are having a great day  considering the full moon and it is the 13th! There have been a couple of great updates this week that have rolled out that I really think are important to highlight.  As much of a game changer Classroom has been for our 1:1 classes I think that it is now going to be even more so. Now within Classroom you can send assignment to individuals or group of students.  (See animation to the side ). Digital  content  can now be more personalized!  If you are a collaborator or teach in a collaborative class you can seamlessly differentiate your content.  Also, you may have gotten lots of Classroom generated emails this past week. You will now be notified when students submit and unsubmit, resubmit assignments.  If this is too many emails from you considering set up a filter or click on settings and turn this feature off.  Many teachers have used the tool Flipgrid . This is a great tool where students can record vide

The Friday Tech Tip is Back. . . And Updates for Formative Assessment

Happy New Year! My name is Clint Winter and I am an Instructional Technology Specialist serving your building. I'm excited to continue to serve  at Coile, Burney Harris Lyons, and Cleveland Road. I'm also excited about now supporting Clarke Central and Oglethorpe Elementary.  On Fridays I update this blog with Edtech tools and ideas that you may find useful. Also, if you would like to meet to discuss how to implement these in your classroom ,please email me ( or Tweet me @ClintWinter and let me know and we can schedule a time to meet!     Over the break a few of  the EdTech tools that many teachers  use for formative assessments have had some new updates. I think that you will appreciate some of the new things that these tools can do! Both of these tools are a good way to get and deliver instant feedback to students. Quizziz - Quizizz.  If you have not used Quizziz before it is a great option for formative assessment. You are able to create