The Friday Tech Tip is Back. . . And Updates for Formative Assessment

Happy New Year!

My name is Clint Winter and I am an Instructional Technology Specialist serving your building. I'm excited to continue to serve  at Coile, Burney Harris Lyons, and Cleveland Road. I'm also excited about now supporting Clarke Central and Oglethorpe Elementary.  On Fridays I update this blog with Edtech tools and ideas that you may find useful. Also, if you would like to meet to discuss how to implement these in your classroom ,please email me ( or Tweet me @ClintWinter and let me know and we can schedule a time to meet!

    Over the break a few of  the EdTech tools that many teachers  use for formative assessments have had some new updates. I think that you will appreciate some of the new things that these tools can do! Both of these tools are a good way to get and deliver instant feedback to students.

Quizziz -
 If you have not used Quizziz before it is a great option for formative assessment. You are able to create a quiz  game  and students play each other or can play  the clock to win. You also can see real time student answers and have a nice spreadsheet at the end of student scores and answers.  For the New Year they have built in a way for you to be able to review the answers as a class. .  Click on the link above and you can see how this works.

Flubaroo - Flubaroo is an add on for Google Sheets. If you create your Assessment using Google Forms then you can Add the Flubaroo extension.  In the video below you can see all of the new features with Fluburoo.

Again, I look forward to working with you  and please email me or tweet me @ClintWinter and I will be happy to support you and your students.

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