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The Last Friday Tech Tip of the year

Happy Friday and Happy last Friday of the school year!  I hope that you have a great summer. I've really enjoyed being able to support your school this year.   A few things as we  begin post planning If you are leaving the District and want to take your files with you you can transfer them with Google Takeout .  You simply choose your drive and then you can either download the files or transfer them to your personal Gmail account Remember to Archive your Google Classroom . To do this go to your Google Classroom dashboard and click the 3 dots in the corner then choose archive. You will still have access to these classes and can reuse the posts but they will come off of your dashboard and will also come off the dashboard for your students.  Finally, if you would like to keep up to date with educational technology over the summer I would recommend that you start your own PLN (Professional Learning Network)  This could be   twitter chats, Google+ c

Speak to Go with Google

Happy Friday, As we wind down the school year it might be fun to take your class on an expedition.  Students can do this with .  With this service students speak in  with their voice where they want to go and then they are automatically transported to that location. This is a program for the Google Cardboard Virtual Reality device but it works just as well with a  laptop.   See the video below for an example of using Speaktogo.  Please let me know if you have questions Take Care, Clint