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Free PearDeck for Teachers

Happy Friday! I have a free premium Tech Tool for you to try over the next 3 months if you are interested. If you click  ON THIS LINK you can have access to a great tool called Pear Deck.  This is a feature that I have had a few requests about  our district purchasing.  I was at a conference a couple of weeks ago and was able to get a free trial for all the teachers in our district. Pear Deck is a great way to create easy interactive formative assessments using Google slides. You as the teacher can control the Google slides presentation for everyone in your class. You can build in interactive elements for both new slide presentations and presentations that you have already created! For a student to access your Pear Deck they click on a link and enter in a code. HERE are some instructions to get you started. HERE are some already created pear deck  templates HERE are some  video tutorals to get you going Please let me know if you have any questions Take Care, Clint

Top 5 Features in Google Docs

Happy Friday! I hope that you all have had a great week.  For this week's post I wanted to highlight 5 innovative ways to use the Google Suite of Education with your students. #5 - All changes saved in Drive -  When you create a document in Google Drive it will save all of the edits made in that document! What is even more amazing is that you can restore any edit made in the document. This is a great way for students to view the history of a written piece and be able to go back and edit and revise! #4 -  Comments -  Inserting comments into a document is a great way to have real time conversations with a student or others on a document. To leave a comment on a document simply highlight the text that you want to leave the comment on and click on "insert" on the top and add a comment. When you leave a comment the person who owns the document will get an email saying that you left a comment