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Happy Friday!

As we get used to the Google Apps for Education Suite I hope that we can all learn from Audi.  If you have 3 minutes  to spare I encourage you and your students to watch this.  I hope that we all can be excited about learning from our failures as Audri is

I'm very proud of our teachers and students here in Elbert County School District as they are diving into the Google Suite of Education Apps.  This week alone our Primary school teachers began joining and posting in Google+ communities for collaborative planning, our Middle School Teachers learned about the Instructional Technology Site and our  High School students and teachers are utilizing  Google Classroom.  Although this is new territory  and we will experience some growing pains we are going to make it!

One of the the things that I have found that Google Suite does and does well is make it easy for teachers to quickly assess their students.  One of the most powerful ways that this can happen is through the use of Google Forms.  Goggle Forms are a great way to create formative and summative assessments.  In my opinion, in a 1:1 classroom Google forms are a must for formative assessments. Why you may ask?

  • Great way to get instant feedback
  • Instantly see a summary of response for your class
  • GRADES - Multiple choice questions
  • Easily Organized - All responses are collected on a spreadsheet with a click of a button

I have created a couple of tutorials on the Elbert County Instructional Website this week on Google Forms.(if you love Alex Trebeck and Jeopardy as much as I do you will love the presentation. If not, you will just say "Man, Winter what's up with that? and learn about Google Forms)   Soon, I will be adding some more digital formative assessments on the technology resources page.  

As you get rolling with Google and  would like to schedule an appointment to talk about Digital Formative assessment, or Google or instructional technology  I would love to meet with you.  Just email me and we will go from there.  Congrats for making it through our 2nd full week of school. 

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  1. Great video Clint and thanks for sharing at Grade Level. We look forward to learning more about Google classrooms.


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