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Happy Friday!  
One of the great things about Google Drive is that you can save anything to Drive.  Our Drive storage for both teachers and students is UNLIMITED. Also, you can access your files from anywhere.  Google Drive is cloud based meaning that your documents, files, are uploaded to a server and not your individual computer. So if your computer dies you can still access your files.   There is also a Google Drive  app  in both the Itunes and Android Store where you can access documents on a mobile device.   
    Anytime you create a new Google Document, Drawing,Form, Sheet, or slide  it automatically saves to your Google Drive. It will live there forever unless you decide to delete it. If someone shares a document with you then it will automatically  go into your "shared with me" tab.
Also, if you click on "Recent" you will see your most recent documents. For me, I use this feature the most. 
   You can Organize your Drive however you like! If you are a folder person you can create folders and move documents into folders. If you are a color coding person, you can color code your folders,  If you are a searcher you can search within your drive by Keyword, user, or type of  file.  Below is a screencast that I created that  discusses how you and your students can navigate Google Drive.
   Here is hoping that we all can make mistakes and learn and grow in our use of the Google Suite for Education and will eventually take off. If you have questions please email me and we can schedule a time to meet.

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  1. Thank you for coming to ECPS today! I'm excited about our Google Integration Plan!

  2. Love how you are able to provide great instruction AND use the all-important principal of "keeping it simple." Thanks for your work!


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