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We made it!  The first full week of school here in the Elbert County School District is in the books.  Our freshman and sophomores and a few seniors were the first to be issued their own Chromebook.  Chromebooks are a little different than a Windows PC.  Chromebooks are faster to load, sync with "The Cloud" and are work best when paired with a Gsuite for Education Account.  Our students also have  an account to access their Gsuite Account. This means that they have unlimited storage, have a secure account, and can access their account from any device.
    One of the things that has been rolled out this week as well for both our High School students and teachers has been the use of Google Classroom.   Recently, (Like in the last 2 weeks) there has been lots of resources built into classroom.

Google has just released  #firstdayofclassroom  training material and guides!  This is a great one stop shop for you to learn and see about every aspect of Google Classroom.  As you begin to use Classroom please use this as a guide.  What I think is most powerful  about these resources are that many of them are developed by classroom teachers who discuss how they use this as best practices in their classroom.

Here (Click Here) is a link to 10 new updates to Google Classroom. Some of my favorites are the fact that you can move the classes around in your home screen that best meet your needs.  Also, You can now see the single view of a students.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Please email me or  tweet  if you have questions about using Google Classroom in your class

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  1. Thanks for leading our efforts in "going Google." Great things ahead for our district!


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