New features in Google Apps for Education

Happy Friday!

There have been lots of changes in Google Apps for Education in the last 6 weeks. Everything from new themes in Google Slides,  Changes and enhancement to Google Classroom to Voice Typing!  I have tried to highlight some of these changes with you in PL or during planning periods. HERE is a comprehensive list of all the changes and enhancements that have happened over the last 6 weeks. (You can also click on the picture to the left).
 If you have questions please feel free to e-mail or ask me in person. Also, as I am buildings I've seen many of you starting to use Lanschool. If you have questions about lanschool or need help setting it up please let me know. I think that Lanschool is a great way to monitor our students on their digital devices.

Finally, I often get asked, "Clint what day are you here?" or even more important "What day is it?" These are also to questions that I ask myself on a daily basis.  My schedule is as followed.

Monday - Coile
Tuesday - Howard B. Stroud
Wednesday - Cleveland Road
Thursday - Burney Harris Lyons
Friday -  Flex day and District Project

Have a great weekend,


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