End of the Year Activities

Happy Friday!

As the school year closes there are lots of great ways that your students can digitally reflect upon their year. Not only do they have the ability to reflect but they also can create and share their knowledge with students who may be entering their class next year!

FlipGrid -  Have your current students use FlipGrid to discuss their greatest achievement for the year OR advice for new students who will be entering their grade

Wevideo - Middle School and High School students can create tutorials that can be used for next year's class

Google Sites -  Students (or a group of students) can create a Google Site as a portfolio to take with them for the next school year.

Finally, this is not a reflection piece, it's just pretty amazing.

Poem Portrait - I just read about this today! It is very interesting.  Poem Portrait is part of Google Arts and Culture. You enter one word and take a selfie (using the camera on the chromebook)  and Artificial Intelligence creates a poem that is overlayed on your portrait. The AI combines your word with words from 19th Century Poets and other users who are also using this product. Students could enter in a word that describes their school year.  Below is a video describing how this works.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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