Tidy up you Digital Life

It is hard to believe that the 2018-2019 school year is over for our students in a couple of weeks. Last week I blogged about some end of the year activities that you and your students may want to try. This week I would like to share a few things that we all  need to visit to finish up our school year and get ready for the next. There are some easy ways to "Tidy UP".

1) Archive all of your Google Classroom Classes -  By archiving your Google Classes it will remove those classes from your Classroom dashboard. Also, it will remove the classes from your students dashboard as well.  It may be confusing for our students if they see both presesent and past classes on their Dashboard.  When you archive a class you are not deleting or losing that class.  You can "Reuse post or Reuse assignment" and post the assignment in future classes. Also, all of the student submissions still live in your Google Drive. It is even organized for you! Next year you will be able to create new Google classes and still use assignements from  years past if you would like.

 Organize your 2018-2019 in Google Drive -   I'm not going to lie, if Marie Kondo from the hit TV show "Tidying Up"  opened up my Google Drive right now she would have a field day.  I'm more of a searcher and my files are not organized as the best they should. I have some that are in Shared with Me and others that are called "Untitled Document".   What's so great about our Google Drive is that there is unlimited storage and we can store lots of different files but it is often all over the place. I am going to start to make a folder entitiled 2018-2019 and then make subfolders within that. It's pretty great that we have the option to Color Code our folders and also share our folders with others.  Maybe have a folder for all of your media files. OR a folder with some of the best work from your students in this current school year.

  If you are leaving the district and you have files that you want to take you then consider using Google Takeout.  Google Takeout downloads your files into Zip files that you can take with you to wherever you may be going.  As you view the files that you are taking Check the permissions and make sure that there is no sensitive data that you are taking.

If you have any questions about any of these ideas please let me know.

Take Care,


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