Professional Learning Network and Hour of Code

Happy Friday!

A few weeks ago I asked the question, how do you learn?  For me, I learn from other professionals everyday through Social Media. What works best for me is Twitter. Others love using Pintrest, or Instagram, or Facebook. There are educators and scholars who use all types of Social Media to learn Professionally.

If you decide to create a social media account I highly encourage you to create a "Professional" account that you use for Professional learning. The tool that I use the most is Twitter.  This would be seperate from a personal account that you may already have.
Twitter is a great way to communicate with teachers from across the state and world.  Often there are real time education twitter chats that happen at a certain time during the week. For instance, a popular one here in Georgia is the #TechtalkGA twitter chat on Monday nights.  There is also a #SATCHAT #ELACHAT, and others. HERE is a link to all types of educational Twitter Chats and when they happen.  If you have a Twitter handle PLEASE add to this list so we can all learn together.

Finally, the hour of Code is kicking off next week.  If you have the opportunity find time at some point for your students to TRY coding. You don't have to be an expert and your students don't have to be experts. Computer Science is  a giant growing industry in our state and Country. One of the easiest things is to have students explore resources on the or the site.

If you would like help setting up a Twitter account or how to use Twitter please let me know!



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