Then 10 best things about Gmail.

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One of the reasons that I love December is the best of lists that come out.  I'm a big music guy so I always enjoy reading critics choice of the best albums of  2017. (Which,I guess I'm not cool anymore or I'm old because I didn't listen to any of them but I am trying out some of them now.)  Also, I love watching sports so I enjoy reliving the best plays of 2017.  I don't watch a ton of Television but when I do I make sure that it is something I will enjoy by checking out, you guessed it, the best TV shows of 2017.

So, with our big switch to Gmail on Monday I wanted to share with you the Clint Winter 10 best features of Gmail. 

10. Customize the appearance of Gmail - Everyone's Gmail can look different!  You can choose a theme or upload your own pictures. You can now read your email while looking at a serene lake. It makes it that more peaceful. 

9.  Archive your mail -  Gmail is Unlimited you can save all of your email if you would like.  Instead of deleting email you have the option to Archive your email. this means that it will not show up in  your inbox but you can still search for it. 

8. Gchat  -  Teachers (not students) have access to Gchat in their window. You can have single chats or group chats. Consider making a chat for your grade level or department to quickly communicate with each other.

7. Creating a Filter -  Create a filter to automatically label and move your mail.  You can even choose to tell certain mail to skip the inbox and label it so you can read it later. I do this for listservs that I may be on that have many updates every day. 

6. Add ons -  I do not know a whole lot about addons for Gmail yet but I am excited to learn!  These are special programs for your Gmail. 

5. Task list -  This is a hidden gem in Gmail.   You can very quickly create an easy to use tasklist to track your projects.  I use this everyday. When I come in the morning or the night before I come to work I take a couple of minutes and jot down everything down that I need to accomplish for the day. You can export these to your Google Calendar. To do this 

4.Labs  -  Labs are special features for your inbox. These are experimental things that Gmail developers are playing with.  They may go away and are not there forever but it can make your Gmail do some amazing things. Here are some of the more popular labs

3. Customize your inbox -  You can choose how you want your mail to appear. When you first login it is in the default view You can choose how to prioritze your email by going to settings -->

2.  Create a Signature -  Go to settings --> General and create a signature with your Grade or Department, link to class site, or an images. OR ALL of the above. 

1. Undo send -   Probably a feature that I use the most. With this enabled you have 30 seconds to undo a message once you click the "send" button.   To do this go to settings 

So there you go, the 10 best Features of Gmail. If you have questions about any of these please let me know and we can work together to make Gmail work best for you.

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