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Happy Friday!

I have recently been reading up on AI Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence) machine learning in the classroom.  Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more common place in our lives. Here are a few examples.

  •   This weekend my family and I are taking a good road trip and I'm sure that we will use the "Waze" app or Google Maps to help get us to our destination. These programs will predict traffic patterns and will guide us the quickest way to get where we are going.   
  • When you checked your email this morning you didn't receive all of your Email because some went to the "spam" folder. Your email program is predicting and filtering out unwanted or dangerous E-mails. Your Email program is deciding for you what is important and what is not important.  Google Mail also has smart response and predicts what you are going to say in your Email Response
  • You may have deposited a check this week using your mobile phone. When you take a picture of the front and back of the text the program from the App of your bank is deciphering the handwritten letters and numbers and converting them to digital text for the bank

Crazy huh!  This stuff blows my mind. But, it is going to be common place for our students. Who knows what Artificial Intellegence will look like in a few years. . . Trucking industries are really looking at driverless trucks Grocery stores are looking at not having checkouts.   Life for our students and for that matter ALL of us is going to be quite different in the future. Does this mean that we will be a lazier society?  I don't think so, I think that this will free us up to conquer more problems and work more efficiently.  Luckily Machine Learning is something that our students can learn about.  Google has free and available to anyone Experiments with Google.  .  This is a great place for our students to see what is on the horizon and take part in some of these new developments. One that I am excited to show and discuss with my 2 kids is the emojiscavengerhunt.  This is a webpage that works best with a mobile device. It will show you an emoji and you have to use your camera to look for it in real life. 

The crazy thing is that it works! Experiments with Google is a great place for students to learn and explore these new technologies. Also, it gives us a chance to have discussions and dialouge about new ways to learn.   If you have any questions please let me know. Also, remember to move your files from the P: Drive and T: Drive.

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