The Last Post of the School Year

Haaaaaaaaapppppppyyyy Friday!

I can't believe we are at the end.  I really don't have a Technology Tip this week. What I would like to do is give you all a  high five for taking a giant step with technology this year.  I was able to run a few numbers and wanted to share these with you all.

  • In the Elbert County School system we have 3,502 Active users. That means that 3,502 Teachers, staff, and students have logged into a Google account or created a Google Document.   Our goal is to add more once we activate accounts for students in Kindergarten and First Grade.  Our Primary kids will have Google Accounts to login into their Chromebooks.  Potentially they could create their first Google Doc and have it with them all the way through their career in Elbert County School System. 

  • On May 15, we had 1,028 Active users using Google Classroom. That means that we had 1,028 students and teachers working collaboratively together, giving and receiving instant feedback, and potentially working with parents.

  • When we switched over to Gmail our ECSD users sent around 1,200 emails.  This past week we had a day where we sent over 1,500 emails.

  • We have created over 28,000 Google Docs

I know that this year has not always been easy with technology. We have also rolled out lots of new things, (Google Suite, New Filters, New E-mail system, New products such as Read and Write, 1:1 Chromebooks)  but you know what. . We made it. . Our students made it and I'm very excited about how we continue to utilize these tools next year. On a personal note, thanks so much for being welcoming to me and trying some new things this year. I hope that you all have a fantastic summer. Please E-mail me if you have any questions. In honor of the summer here is one of my favorite Summer songs of all time. 


Take Care,


  1. Thanks so much for your efforts in leading the way as our district has transitions to Google. I look forward to participating in the upcoming Google Certified Educator training. Here's another great summer tune:


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