New Google Updates for 2019

Happy Friday,

I wanted to let you know about several new updates for Gsuite for Education that has taken place or soon will take place.

Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Sites -   These services will soon have a new look. Nothing will change functionally but it will probably look a little different. These have started to roll out on January 15th and will continue to roll out to all users across the world by February. Some of the things that you and your students may notice is the change in typography, controls (buttons, dialog and  sidebars). Also the icons will change a little and look "cleaner and fresher". Again, these are cosmetic changes and nothing that will affect the day to day use of these products. If you want to read more about these changes you can check out the GSuite Update Blog 

Google Classroom - Lots of great things happening in Google Classroom. It really is amazing how much it has grown and changed in the last few years! This fall Google created the "Classwork" page. This is a one stop shop where you can see your Topics, etc. . . NOW you can drag and drop entire topics and individual classwork items and can rearrange them on on page. Classroom also has gotten a face lift in January.  Shapes and colors look a little different and the class codes for students to join your Google classroom are clearer.  Also, there are 78 new themes for you to choose for your Google classroom.  Did you know that there is a Google Classroom App?  You can access Google classroom on either android or apple phones.One of the things that you can do on this that you can't necessarily do on the computer is to annotate on student documents.  Finally, if you would like more information about Google Classroom  Classroom has its own site called "First Day of Classroom" .  This site has video tutorials, and resources to get you to be a classroom expert! 

One that will come out very soon is Locked Mode for Google Forms. Soon teachers can give quizzes in Google forms and students can be locked out from other tabs.

Lots  of great things happening! If you have questions please let me know!

Take Care,


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