Updates coming to the Google Suite of Education

Happy Friday!

There are lots of updates that were announced at the #Googlenext Conference this week.  For this week's Friday Tech Tip I wanted to focus on Two of them that I thought were really great!  These updates should show up in Elbert County School District in the next couple of week.  I have created links to the directions on how to use them.

You can now import audio into your Google Slides! How awesome is that? I'm asked about this all the time and  people were often not happy about this because that was there favorite feature in Powerpoint. Now I can say "Yep, you sure can, check out my presentation on that topic to the sweet sounds of Huey Lewis and the News"  Just kidding, I wouldn't do that to you.  Or would I?  But, we now can have a way to add audio to our slides. There are lots of places to find royalty free music.  One of my favorites is the Free Music Archive.  You can format the sound to  loop, change the volume, and add sound icons. Another activity is to have the students use their chromebooks to record their own voice either through   Wevideo or another program and put that audio into their  presentation. 

Another new feature is the schedule send option in Gmail!  Often times I write an Email but I want it sent at a later time. For example, I am asking for someone to follow up on something we talked about a week ago.  I have to set a reminder, write it down. or pray that I will remember to send out that reminder. Now, with Schedule Send I can create that email about the follow up  and tell it to send at a later date. The message will wait and go at the specific time you want it to go.  It's kind of like Back to the Future in the fact that Your future self will thank you! This feature is also available in Google Classroom.

All of the new releases from Google Can be found HERE 

Please let me know if you have any questions. In honor of the Future  and one of the best movies ever made "Back to the Future"  here is the Friday Tech Tip song of the week. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. So excited about the Google Slides update with sound clips! This is one of the things I've missed from PowerPoint! Thanks for letting us know!


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