Google MyMaps in the Classroom

Happy Friday!

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to spend some time with ECMS Social Studies Teachers in 5th - 7th grades. I thought we had some great conversations about using technology to enhance the great things that they are already doing. One of the trends that kept coming up was using Google MyMaps.  MyMaps. Mymaps is a collaborative way for students to create maps and create a story. Students can make custom maps and drop and add pins and use those pins to insert facts, pictures, videos, and land marks. Just like a Google Doc Google Mymaps is collaborative and students can work on one map at the same time.  MyMaps can be used for the following

1) Tell a story
2) Have a way for students show what they know using many different
3) Jasper Huff shared how this could be used as a way for a Formative assessment
4) A way for the teacher to pin all of the different authors, places, landforms, etc. . . throughout the year for the students to be able to view.

I have created a Wakelet with some directions on how to create a Mymap. IF you have not tried Wakelet it is fantastic.

Congrats on making it this far.

Today is March 8th. I'm a huge Trivia Nerd so I looked up famous Birthdays today and there are a couple of good ones today. Two television legends. . .  Happy Birthday to Dawson Creek's and Varsity Blues QB  James Vanderbeek and the Monkees Drummer Micky Dolenz. Two undisputed champs. And you are welcome. .. these will be in your head for the rest of the day.

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  1. Thanks Clint for your support during collaborative planning! I especially can see where MyMaps works with 6th grade and 7th grade standards.


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