Google Updates

Happy Friday!

In honor of it's 10th Anniversary Google has updated Chrome to a brand new version. Chrome automatically  updates so you may already have it if you do not turn off your computer and turn it back on and it should update.

What are some of the main differences?

  • Chrome looks a little different. It looks much cleaner
  • Chrome can now make  your passwords and store them as well. When you create a new account Chrome will suggest a password for you (you don't have to use it but it will make and store a password for you
  • Chrome can be your personal assistant -  You can type in common phrases such as (What is the weather?) and you don't have to hit enter and go to another page. It will show right up for you

Another update that has been pushed out to students and teachers in the district is Gsuite Training.  For teachers to receive this they must log into Chrome. For students it will automatically show up in their browser. When you are using a Google service (Mail, docs, slides, etc) this icon will show up in the corner. If you click on that icon it will offer tutorials, videos, and documents about that specific tool!  

I hope that you  have a great weekend and let me know if you have questions!

Take Care,


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