Digital Formative Assessment

Happy Friday!

One of the great things about using Chromebooks in the classroom is that we are able to get immiediate results on how our students are understanding.  There are many ways to do digital pulse checks, tickets out the door, and personalized learning with our digtial devices.  Here are 3  tools for Digital Formative Assessment. 

3.  Make it a Game

Quizziz is a fun way for students to interact with the curriculum. You can play a quiz game.  You as the teacher sign up for an account and then create or beg,borrow, and steal from the quizziz bank.  When students are finished you get immiediate results of how your students are performing. Below is a video tutorial about Quziz


Google Classroom is a great way for students to leave written response or to crowd source or post resoucres for others.  Here is a great article about 6 ways that you can use the "Ask a Question" feature in Google Classroom

1.  Google Forms

Google Forms is getting better and easier by the day. There continue to be updates to forms. Google Forms can self grade, differentiate, and go to a page based on an answer. You can insert pictures, videos, files, etc. in a google form.  If a student gets an answer wrong then they can go to a link based on their answer. For example, if two  students are taking a quiz and one student gets the answer wrong and the other student gets the same answer right then they can automatically get links to either accelerate or re-mediate  based on their answer!  Google forms also works really well within Google classroom. Here is a link about some of the recent changes with Google Forms. 

If you have questions about these tools please let me know!

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