Exploring the World with the Google Suite

Happy Friday!

Our Google Suite for Education is now available to ALL students in our district. Our Elementary and Primary students are logging in with  Clever Badges.  Students scan a QR code with their name and that logs them into the Chromebook. It also logs them into all Google Products (Google Docs, Google Slides. etc..) They are logged in without ever having to type in their username or password.  Here are a few of my favorite ways for students to be able to explore the world using their chromebook.

Google Tour Builder -  Google Tour Builder is a way for students to tell stories incorporating Google Maps.  Students can insert Pictures, maps, and text to tell their story.   This would be a fabulous way to incoroprate writing, story telling and multi-media into the classroom. Here is a short video tutoral about Google Tour Builder 
Image result for Google my maps

Google My Maps -  Google MyMaps is where students can create, share, and collaborate by making their own maps.  Students can add and drop Pins, Insert links, and text straight into their map. One of my favorite ways that I have seen this used is that students keep a year long map with pins of everything that they have studied. Also, this could be used as a think pair share activity using the collaborative feature of sharing

Image result for YoutubeI know that many of you may use YouTube in the classroom.  With our Google Account we can create our own YouTube Channel. Why might you do this? There are several different reasons you may do this but the one I would like to mention is that you can create your own Video Playlist.  Example, maybe your students are studying the different regions of the world. With a Youtube playist you can collect and share a group of videos. For example, I searched for "HD videos of Everest, or HD video of North Georgia Mountains"  I created a list with a group of videos and now my students can compare and contrast by watching these short videos.

If you have questions about any of these resources then please let me know!

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