The Blue Way on Display

Happy Friday!

I'm very excited about this new initiative this year with our school district.  We have adopted #BluewayonDisplay  this year as our campaign. We would love for you to show off the amazing things that are happening in your classroom or school.  We have launched   to be able to show off your good work.  This is a place where you can submit short videos that can be up to around 2 minutes  of what is going on in your building! For example, you have a great learning activity going on in your classroom (Sidenote: I saw this on ESPN the other day and this is the most epic game of rock paper scissors of all time).  You can go to and upload the video, tag your school, and it will be on display for all to see. (Please be mindful that  if there are  students in your video they have a media release form). I have created this short video tutorial to show you how the submission activity works. You can watch the tutorial or check out the Frequently Asked Questions tab on the site.

  Please let me know if you have questions. Have a great Friday and a great night under the lights!  Lets go Big Blue!

Take Care,


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