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Happy Friday!

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I hope that you all have had a good full week with your students!

If you are using Google Classroom you may have noticed that it looked a little different this week.  For example, the about page is located in the bottom right and not in the stream.   For the last few years Google Classroom has released  some great new features in August that have been helpful. This year is no different.  There are several changes that have been rolled out or is currently rolling out that I think that you will find useful.  Here is some information from the Google Classroom page

  • New Classwork page— Teachers and students have a new Classwork page. Teachers can post assignments and questions on the page, and also group them into modules or units with topics.

  • New grading tool in Classroom—Teachers have a new grading tool where they toggle between student submissions while grading, and save common feedback in a comment bank to use later.

  • New People page—Teachers can view class member information on the People page. Teachers can also view, invite, and remove studentsco-teachers, and guardians on the page.

  • New Settings page—Teachers can edit the class description, change the class code, manage guardian summaries, and control Stream settings on a consolidated Settings page.

  • Copy a class—Teachers can copy classwork and topics from an existing class to create a new class.

  • Control notifications by class—Teachers and students can turn notifications off for any class.

  • Teachers can change grade point values when creating or editing assignments or questions.
  • Teachers and students can see updated labels—assigned, turned in, graded—for the status of a student’s work.

 If you would like to see these feature  in action check out the Google Classroom blog HERE. If you still have questions please shoot me an E-mail. 

Congrats on your first week back!

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