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Happy Friday!

I'm very excited to let you all know that we have new software on our devices!  We have two  new products that both students and teachers  will be to access with our new subscription to texthelp.   Read and Write for Google and Equatio. I'm excited about this software because it is going to help remove barriers for our students and help many of them to better  access digital Curriculum. These programs offer our students the ability to hear digital  text read aloud, easily find word meanings and word pictures, word prediction on docs, and easily create vocabulary charts.  With Equatio students can  insert equations, complete math problems on a touch screen (on our touch screen devices) and speak their math into a device.
    I think that Michael Scott, a personal hero of mine, summarized what I felt like when I first learned about these programs.


There are 2 ways that both students and teachers can access the software

  • Chromebooks - Sign in with your Elbert County Google Account. Once you sign into a Chromebook the software will appear
  •  Windows Device - Open up the Chrome web browser and login with your Elbert County address.  The software will appear.  See the picture below to see what these icons look like. 

These are two separate programs.  Read and Write for Google is an access program. Please watch the tutorial I created below about Read and Write for Google  

Equatio is a program where students can draw/speak/and input math equations into Google Docs.  Below is some more information about that.   Please know that more training will be offered. 

If you have questions about any of these please feel free to email me at

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