Google Docs Part 3 AND a few extra resources.

Happy Friday 
This is my last installment in the Google Docs Trilogy. Number 3. Also, the jersey number of my all time favorite Baseball Player.

Before I begin the last installment  about Google Docs lets review what we have covered so far in regards to Google Docs. If you would like to review you can read the previous blog posts on or check out  So far we've covered

  • Creating Google Documents
  • Sharing Google Documents for collaboration
  • Providing Feedback and comments in Google Doccuments
  • Viewing Revision History
  • Speech to Text
  • The Explore Feature and Citation generator.

So the last feature about Google Docs. Google Doc  have "Add Ons"  Think of Add ons as apps on a smart phone.  They are extra things that you and your students can CHOOSE to have or not have. They are just extras. To get to Add ons open or create a Google Doc and click on Add ons

These are extra programs that run straight from Google Docs. For instance, There is an add on named  Extensis Fonts  where you can add additional fonts to your documents. There is a Table of Contents Add on Where you can easily add a Table of Contents to your documents (May be good for students who are creating Digital Journals OR if you are creating a document to keep up with data). There is an add on to create Teaching Rubrics.  . . Take some time this week and log into your Google Account create a document  and explore these add ons.  In the coming weeks I will be blogging about other Google Programs and they also have add ons! 

Also, I wanted you to be aware of a way for our students to be able to access books digitally.  We have a subscription to Tumble Cloud Books.  This is a way for our students to be able to  access both digital and audio books. No accounts are needed. Just access Tumble Cloud books by going to

Finally, I came across this video this past week.  It was shot in real time aboard a cargo vessel as it traveled  throughout the Middle and Far East.  In the coming weeks I'm going to blog about Google Maps. Just wanted to give you a sample of what we can do with digital maps. Also, this video is amazing. It really made me feel like a small person on a big planet. 

Take Care and have a great week,


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