Student Digital Creations

Happy Friday!

If you are interested in student made digital creations then you may enjoy the following tools

SpeakPipe is a  easy way for students to  easily create mp3 voice recordings. This site does not require a login. You simply go to Speakpipe Voice Recorder  and press record. Once you finish your voice recording you can upload it to the server. After you do this you will have a unique link that students can go back and listen to their recording. Students and teacher  could also share this link in a Google Doc, Google Classroom, etc. . .

For students who are over 13 one of my favorite digital creation sites is Adobe Spark. Here is an example of an adobe spark project. 
 With Adobe Spark students can make very professional looking Videos, animations, and online text documentaries.  Adobe spark requires students to sign up and log in with a free account.  There are also adobe spark apps for android and iOS devices.


The Blog looks a little different this week because I am exploring new themes! Blogger has recently released new themes for blogs. I think that these look much better than the older themes. These are free and available for anyone with a CCSD account. So, if you are thinking about exploring a classroom blog you now have more options.

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