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Happy Friday!

If this were a bracket then I would make the Share to Classroom App a #1 seed!  With the share to classroom App teachers can easily pushout a website to ALL of the students in their Google Classroom. For example, I want all of my students to access this virtual tour of Machu Picchu.  By installing the Free Push to Classroom Extension teachers can choose the link choose push to classroom and then  the link will automatically open on the students computer.  You can also create and push out assignments using the extension.
     My number 2 seed would be the Alice Keeler Gradebook split extension.  Click this extension and it will automatically split your screen so you can have student work on one side and your gradebook on the other.  

Also, I would like to make one more push for our unconference happening Saturday April 1st. This is  a FREE event.  This will be a time for educators from all over the state to come and learn from each other about innovative practices.  The conference will begin at 8:00 AM at the UGA Special Collections Muesum. Breakfast will be provided and we will be giving away and raffeling off things such as Ipevo Document Cameras, Umano Tshirts, FlipGrid subscriptions, and an Avid Bookshop gift bag. You can sign up and register at  Below are two videos about how to use both of these features.  If you have any questions please let me know


  1. I checked out the share to classroom extension video and added it. It seems pretty cool.

  2. Good deal! Let me know how it works out.

    Take Care,


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