New and Improved Instructional Technology Site

Happy Friday!

I hope that you all have had a great week.  This week I have been working on updating the Elbert County Instructional Technology Site.  You can easily access the site by going to Everything that could possibly be about technology in the district will be housed on this site.  This site has tutorials for our Google Suite of Education, Information about Performance Matters, and all materials from any Technology Training that is completed in the district.  Also, I am very excited about a new feature. The Digital Tools Page.  When you click on the Digital Tools Page there will be lots  of digital tools and resources. There will be everything from links to great Edtech Blogs to free resources for our students.  Each tool will have a picture, a brief description, and a link to that tool.  You can also filter these tools! Lets say that in your Professional Learning Team you all decide that you want your students to create something digitally.
You can click on the box that says all categories, and then narrow the tools down to the category that you want.  This page will be updated twice a month to include new tools, and may remove tools if they are no longer available. All of these tools are FREE and can be used by teachers and students.  If you have questions please let me know.

Below is a short video tutorial that tells you about the site.

Have a great weekend,


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