5 Ways to utilize Google Calendar

Happy Friday!

I have had several questions since our migration over from Outlook to Google Calendar on how to use Google Calendar. Here are some of my favorite things about Google Calendar.

1. Click on any empty space  to make an event - Click anywhere in the calendar to make the event. I usually click on the time when I want the event to happen and then

  • Name the event
  • Customize  the time of the event if I need to
  • Add guests if I want it to appear on their Calendar or invite them to a meeting

2.  Change the view of the calendar -   You can change the view of the calendar to be a default look every time that you open up your calendar. It can show day, 4 day, week, month, year. You can also choose whether to show  a week day view or a view with weekends included.  

3.  Google Hangout -  Anytime you create a new event you can choose to include a link for a Google Hangout. I think that this is a great feature if you are scheduling a speaker to do a "hangout" video conference with your class OR for parent teacher conferences for parents who may not be able to come visit with you. Google Hangouts is also an app and parents can click on the link and it will open on a smart phone.

4.  Manage other calendars - By default we have our Calendar. But, you can also see other calendars. For example, you may be able to see the school calendar. If you use Google Classroom everytime that you create a class it will automatically also create a Google Calendar for that class! For students who have Google Accounts then they can see when assignments are due.

5. Get a daily email with your agenda for the day - You can go to settings and turn this on and everyday you will get an email at 5 AM  (Yeah, I know that is early and there is not a way to change that) by

  • Open your google calendar
  •  - go to settings - calendar tab - click "edit notifications" next to the calendar that you would like an email notification from
  •   - scroll down and check the box next to daily agenda.
  •  Congrats! You now have a virtual administrative assistant!

Please let me know if you have questions

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