Google Classroom Extensions

Happy Friday!

I wanted to share with you 2 chrome extensions that can be benificial with Google Classroom.
You might be asking yourself "What is an Extension?" Extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance your Chrome browser.  You Can find these extensions in the Google Chrome Store.  Students can also access the Chrome Store but they are only allowed to install extensions that are whitelisted for Clarke County School District. There are 2 extensions that can be beneficial for those of you using Google Classroom.
     Share to Classroom is an extension where you can push out websites in real time to students in your classroom. For example, you have created a quiz using  Google Form and you are ready for your students to take the quiz. You would click on the "share to classroom" extension pick your class and send out the link and it would automatically open up a tab with the link to all of your students if they are logged into classroom. Here is a screencast below

Another extension that may be helpful to your students is called Classroom Split. With Classroom Split students can click on the extension and it will automatically split the screen so they can see the directions and the Google Docs side by side

If you have questions about using either of these extensions or other extensions please let me know.

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