Expanding your Professional Learning Network

Happy Friday everyone. . . . . . I know everyone is looking forward to the 3 day weekend. I hope everyone enjoys getting a chance to do what they love and rest  from your Labors. 
     I also like Labor Day because that means that I've made it through almost one whole month of school. If this is your first year teaching,  Congrats. You made it through August. That was easy right? 1 down 9 to go.  

     Now that you may be settling in more of a routine it might be a good time to start creating a Professional Learning Network.   Teachers can  benefit from creating their own Professional Learning Network or (PLN) Google it. . . . . One of the ways that I stay current is through my Professional Learning Network on Twitter. Twitter is free and you get real-time Professional Development and ideas.  There are LOTS of great ideas and speakers on Twitter. One of my favorites is @richardbyrne. He
incorporates ways technology can be used in the class. I created a twitter account just for my professional use. Here is a link of some of the educational  movers and shakers in the Twitterverse.  If Twitter is not your thing you may be interested in connecting with other professionals in the Google+,  or  Pinterest, universe. Many teachers in our district are already on Twitter.  You can collaborate and learn with teachers in our district   by going to http://bit.ly/ccsdtweeps.  (If you have Twitter and want to be included on this list let me know!) 
  If you have questions about setting up your Twitter Account let me know and I will be glad to help. You can follow me @ClintWinter.

Take Care,

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