Google Updates

Happy Friday!

 Last week I had several people say that they enjoyed hearing about some updates to some technology products that you already use so I want to continue that with some updates that are Google Specific

Quick Access in Drive -   Quick Access is a tool in Google Drive that is  actually Artificial Intelligence that learns how you use Google Drive and predicts what files that you may need. You can turn this on or off in the settings tab of Google Drive.

Google Docs has a template Gallery -  This is constantly being updated.  if you or your students go to they can choose from a variety of templates to create a work. There are templates for letters.reports, science labs, etc. . Remember the benefit of doing this in Google is that you and your students can collaborate - leave comments, suggest edits etc. .. 
Comments -  Now when you make a copy of a document you can choose to also copy the comments. When you go to file make a copy you can choose to also copy the comments.

That is it for today!   Have a great weekend.

Take Care,


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