Designing Digital Projects with the Google Suite

Happy Friday!

As we continue to make the switch to the Google Suite Platform I wanted to make you aware of a few ways that our Google Suite can help with student projects.

New Google Sites -  Is a great way for students to show what they know.  All of our teachers and students now have access to Google Sites. Google sites are a great way for students to build their own website. It is very easy to insert pages, insert Youtube videos, Google Docs, Google Presentations, maps etc. . . into Google Sites.  Sites can be collaborative meaning that more than one person can enter data. This would be a great resource for students to show what they know beyond a written project. Here are some directions to help get you started.

Google MyMaps -  Google Mymaps is actually a great way for students to "pin" what they know. They can create a map and drop pins in specific places and include weblinks, Google Docs, Google drawing etc. . into the map. This map can also be collaborative.

Google Drawings -   Google Drawings are a great way for students and teachers to create Graphic Ogranizers. Students can use the mouse pad or touch screen to drag and drop objects and share with others.  There are LOTS of premade templates that are already created. One of my favorite places to learn about Google Drawings is from Google Suite Guru Eric Curts.    His blog has lots of premade templates that you can share with students via Google clasroom.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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