Virtual Field Trips

Happy Friday!

In the last couple of weeks I have had a few request for Virtual Field Trips. I really think that a good option for this is the Google Street View Gallery! Google is able to use 360 photography to make it feel like you are really there. There are galleries from all over the world!   I think that this is a great option for students to be able to view their world .   The possibilities of using this in the classroom are limitless.  In my personal experience  I recently have decided to go back and read Jack London's Call of the Wild.  I discovered in the Streetview Gallery there is a whole 360 Gallery that is dedicated to the Iditerod!   This enhanced my understanding  of  the extremes of Dog Sledding.  There are also galleries to view and interact with underwater environments, universities, stadiums, and studios. Below is  a video  of an expedition to making a streetview gallery in Greenland.   The narrator says it best and  I feel that this is important "Hopefully this is a way to shorten the distance between people around the world" (Thanks Jamie Lanister!)    If you have questions about how to incorporate this into your classroom please do not hesitate to reach out and get in touch with me ( or

ry  The Google Streetview Gallery has a large collection of 360  degree interactive views fro
An opening view of Street View Antartica


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