Try the New Google Sites

Happy Friday!

Google has recently made updates and changes to the new Google Sites. It is now quicker and easier to create a professional looking site.  To get started  you will need to log into your account and go to     I think that it is laid out very much like Google classroom.  One of the great features about the  new  Google Sites is that it is much more collaborative than the older version of sites. Now, several people can be able to edit the site at the same time.  
     One of the greatest things about Google Sites is that it seamlessly connects with Google Drive. It is very easy to insert Google Docs, Slides, and Calendars into Google Classroom. Also it works nicely with YouTube so you can add videos to your site.

Classroom Implications -  This could be a great way to share your class with the world. You can post pictures, calendars, documents into your site.  Also, I think that this is a great tool for student made portfolios.  How great it would be if students were able to create a site and put their best work from the year on display for the world.  I worked recently with a 2nd grade class that was using the new Sites for a passion project they were doing to help the homeless.  

I'm a big fan of Google Sites. Maybe even "Huge".Below is a short video tutorial from Dean Stokes  to get you started.  As always, if you have questions please let me know.

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