Joe Zoe Addon: Quickly leaving meaningful feedback for your students.

Happy Friday!

I wanted to highlight a new  addon\s that you might find useful in your classroom. This  could be seen as Augmentation or Modification on the SAM-R scale (Depending on how you use it). It  also has the most unique name of any addon I've seen latelty. Joe Zoo is an addon for Google Docs  where teachers can easily give feedback to students.  With Joe Zoo you can quickly leave feedback with a few clicks, (See below animation.  Click on the picture for full screen), You can also quickly build rubrics that can be reused again and again, and are editable. Finally, Joe Zoo can be synced with Google Classroom. If you have questions about this tool please let me know. I would be happy to show you or your team all of the benefits with Joe Zoo.

Here is Google's April Fools joke for this year. I thought it was pretty great. . 

Take Care and have a great weekend,


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