Get Cultured with the Google Cultural Institute

Happy Friday!

The Google Cultural Institute is a great place for students  and teachers to explore some of the best museums and historical places in the world!  Students can view historical places in 360 view, be able to zoom in and see some of the most famous art work and pieces in the world!  Also, you as the teacher or your students, can make your own galleries and choose destinations or pieces for your students to view.  You can send the link to your gallery to your students through Google Classroom or post on your website for everyone to access.  
    Also, there are already curated galleries!  For example, there is a whole gallery about the life of Harriet Tubman that is ready to be viewed now.  I really think that  the Google Cultural Institute can be used across curriculum. If you have questions here is a great Help Document.  Or as always  please contact me.  

Have a great weekend,


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