Springing into the next 9 weeks with Classroom

Happy Friday! How about that time change?

Google Classroom continues to make changes that benefits students and teachers each month. I have a difficult time keeping up with all of the changes. Luckily, Google Classroom has announced that they now have a month by month  breakdown of features that have been released. I try to quickly check it each month to see what new features may be beneficial to us here in CCSD.
     A site that I've really been excited about this week is Cyark.  Cyark is a site where students can take a virtual tour of endangered historical sites all over the world. The mission of this website is "to create a free 3D online library of the world's cultural heritage sites before they are lost to natural disasters, destroyed by human aggression or ravaged by the passage of time."

Cyark view of Chichen Itza
If you have questions about either of these sites please let me know and I would love to schedule a time to meet with you, your class, or your team.

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  1. Cyark is awesome! I wish there were more from France!

  2. Tweet or email them and see if it is something that they are working on!


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